Final Product

This is my final product for my film opening. After my third draft I realised that I needed to include more sound effects and change my titles. In final product I made sure that I included these changes.

Final Final Final Final Draft from Charlotte Griffiths on Vimeo.



5.How did you attract/address your audience?

Question 5 from Charlotte Griffiths on Vimeo.

With regards to my ident I wanted to attract my audience by making it intriguing and exciting I also wanted to make sure that it addressed my target audience by making sure it demonstrated that the genre of film

my production company made was thrillers.
I did this by having the image of an explosion and also using a font that fitted well.
 Another way I wanted to attract and address my audience was to have my very first shot of my film opening exciting, this way someone could watch the first couple of second of my film and know it is something that they would want to carry on watching. 
I trying to carry this on throughout my opening 2 minute. I did this by having lots of action shots, this could show my audience that the film is going to carry on being exciting and full of action from the outset and throughout.
I also wanted to make sure that after the first 2 minutes this is still something that my audience would want to be watching. I did this by making sure the opening was intriguing. 
To make sure this is something I had achieved I asked one of my friends who enjoys thrillers what they thought.